Miriam Janke 
Tech Founder,
Climate Advocate,
TEDx Speaker, Consultant

Data Transparency to More Sustainability


My name is Miriam Janke, tech founder and climate

advocate with a passion for data and the circular economy.


What do I like to put thought on?

Public Speaking  Sustainability 
Digital and Green Transformation 

Circular Economy  Female Entrepreneurship  

Personal Branding   Data Economy  

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My Mission

The shift to a bright 2050. My goal is to put an emphasis on sustainable transformation with you and your organization.

My name is Miriam, tech founder, climate advocate and Keynote Speaker.

My mission is to raise awareness towards a data-driven green and efficient transformation for the net-zero.


When you see the world through a circular lense, you see brand new opportunities arise at the same horizon.


Circular Economy and digitalization are passion topics of mine.  

I have been entrusted to deliver seminars and keynotes for corporates in this matter. 

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"We won Miriam as a mentor for the thincubator 2021, the first incubator at the University of Mannheim. We have received outstanding feedback from mentees about her. She strategically supported them with her experience and expertise to develop their business. We are very delighted that Miriam is part of the thinc family and recommend her with every emphasis."
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